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df2img is available at

You can install the package via pip.

pip install df2img

Using poetry or pdm?

poetry add df2img
pdm add df2img

Important note

The kaleido dependency is needed to save a pd.DataFrame. Right now there is an issue when using the latest version of kaleido. This project requires kaleido==v0.2.1 when you are installing df2img on a machine other than Windows. However, when you're on a Windows machine, you must use kaleido==v0.1.0.post1. The dependency specification in the pyproject.toml file takes care of this.

Having said this, if you're not on Windows and using the pdm package manager, kaleido won't get installed at all due to a bug in pdm. In that case the following workaround might be helpful: - activate your virtual environment: source .venv/bin/activate - use pip in order to install kaleido separately: pip install kaleido==0.2.1