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df2img: Save a Pandas DataFrame as image

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What is it all about?

Have you ever tried to save a pd.DataFrame into an image file? This is not a straightforward process at all. Unfortunately, pandas itself doesn't provide this functionality out of the box.

df2img (dataframe-to-image) tries to fill the gap. It is a Python library that greatly simplifies the process of saving a pd.DataFrame into an image file (e.g. png or jpg).

It is a wrapper/convenience function in order to create a plotly Table. That is, one can use plotly's styling function to format the table.


df2img has a limited number of dependencies, namely

  • pandas
  • plotly
  • kaleido


Contributing to df2img

If you consider to contribute to df2img, please read the Contributing to df2img section in the documentation. This document is supposed to guide you through the whole process.